Stainless Steel Emergency Shut Off is also named Stainless Steel Bottom Valve is installed on the bottom of the tanker, the top sealing parts is tightly inside the tanker. When in the event of accidental damage, the external housing will break away from the self-cut groove, keeping the connection to the valve tank mounting flange, leaving the bottom valve sealing mechanism within the tank compartment intact, efficiently protecting the tanker from leakage, ensuring the safety of transportation. The main body is made of SS304 under the precision die casting with the advantage of simple structure, longer service life, easy servicing, etc. It can be made of carbon steel or SS316 by request, but need to remark when make order


Nominal diameter: 3″

Open method: Manual

Structure Feature

The one-piece spring supporting seat with more reliable tightness. The size of valve is more smart to suit the small space requirement.

With 180°-Through way flow type design, make the discharge more convenient and without remain

Technical Data

Nominal pressure


Installment mode

Flanged type

Temperature range


Scope of application

Industrial Chemical


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