Royal Hi Five, Specialized in manufacturing and supply of Tank / Truck parts, trailer parts and specialized equipment has now started his services in the field of cold chain products and solutions with a team of having a decade experience in the field and have executed major projects in UAE, Pakistan, Uganda, Oman, Qatar, Ghana and other countries. We provide cold storage solutions for all types of facilities including Multi produce, Palletized, Pre-Cooling Rooms, Controlled Atmosphere Store, Potato Cold Storage, Modular Cold Rooms, Blast Freezer, Ice Cream & Dairy products, large fruits and vegetables cold storage units and many other applications.


We undertake turnkey projects including Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration & Cooling System, Electrical, Insulation, Flooring, Prefab Panels, Docking Stations and Refrigeration Transport System.


We have deep expertise in end to end execution of cold chain facilities. Our professional experience lies in all areas of cold chain operations – such as design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning, operations. Our capabilities are based on our collective knowledge and technology partnerships with leading International cold chain product suppliers, solution providers.