Nominal diameter:

3 Benefit and Features:  When the valve is sheared, it still can be opened by the way of pneumatic There are two ways (pneumatic and mechanical) to open the valve, user can chose according to


Benefit and Features:
Pressure-Balanced Type:  When the valve is closed, the fuel pressure can not push open the valve.
Special Surface Treatment:  Aluminum alloy surface is treated by oxidation to improve the anti- corrosion.
Hydrodynamic Body:  Design and high lift poppet minimizes pressure drop to give maximum flow rate.
External Shear Groove:  Meet the requirement of relative strand, effectively ensuring the safety of tanker.
Manual Opening Device:  When need to emergency discharging, the pneumatic control is useless, it can be opened by manual way.
Easy-Installment:  The size of the valve is more smart, is suitable for the smaller space’s demand


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