200 kg basket capacity. *The pump is operated by PTO. *PTO can be operated with a button in the truck cab. *Booms, turret, and turning groups will be produced from high-quality steel (St 52/3). *The system is designed according to the load distribution of the steel construction.* The basket is made of polyester material and is insulated up to 1000 Volt. * There is a lighting lamp in the basket. *The buttresses are A-type and will be controlled by a hydraulic system. *The Control system is hydromechanical. *Basket and turret are required from the control system. * Hand pump available for emergencies. *The hydraulic system is produced from high-quality pipes and hoses (R2A). *Safety valves have been added against hose damage. * The oil tank has a level indicator and suction filter. * The piston material in the manifold is high quality honed tube and chrome-plated axle. * Seals and o-rings on the piston are high-quality materials. *Chassis base is a lock plate material that is produced to prevent slipping. *There will be a signal lamp on the boom holder. *There is one lot box on the platform. *There will be a seat belt hook in the basket. *The platform is painted with an epoxy primer on the topcoat acrylic paint.


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